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Faculty in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences perform a wide range of research focusing on air quality, the meteorological conditions that control air quality, land-atmosphere interactions, the atmospheric components of the hydrologic cycle, and climate change.

  • John Horel is a member of the Mountain Meteorology Group and his research is centered on the observation and analysis of weather and climate processes in mountainous regions with particular attention on cold-air pools associated with poor air quality. His current research activities include further development of MesoWest, which provides access to surface weather observations for operational, research, and educational applications nationwide.
  • John Lin is the leader of the Land-Atmosphere Interaction Research group and his research focuses on using Lagrangian atmospheric models to understand the exchange of greenhouse gases, pollutants, and water between the atmosphere and the land surface.
  • Kevin Perry's research focuses on ambient air quality monitoring, instrumentation/analytical technique development, source apportionment, atmospheric dry deposition, and the climatic and health effects of particulate matter.
  • Thomas Reichler is a climate modeler and analyst who is interested in the relationship between climate change and atmospheric dynamics.
  • Court Strong's research focuses on interactions between the atmosphere and other components of the climate system, including the biosphere, hydrosphere, and cryosphere.
  • Dave Whiteman is a member of the Mountain Meteorology Group and investigates thermally driven flows, boundary layer processes, cold pools, and air pollution.

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